Apps Which Are Useful to Programmers

If you are just starting out in programming, you may wonder what tools and apps to use to build a website or design a game from scratch. Good thing for our website visitors, we created our list of the best and most convenient apps to use when you are just starting to make programs for web development. Here is our list:



Enki is an application that you can use for coding and training. It is much like a workout app wherein it gives you daily boosts and exercises on how to code and enhance your skills as a programmer. You may just be sitting all day but you sure are burning your brain cells as you try to exercise your mind using this Enki app. But do not be fooled if you think that only beginners can use this app. Enki has designed this app for those who are just new to programming and also for advanced learners. This Enki app is free but you can acquire their premium features if you pay additional costs.

Solo Learn

learn codingJust as the name implies, this app will help you learn more about coding all by yourself. You can choose from a number of programming and scripting languages available on the site. Learn about PHP, Python, C, C++, Java, JavaScript, Swift, Ruby and others. Solo Learn makes it enjoyable for the website visitors to learn about programming through its very friendly interface. You will even get achievements and points when you finish a lesson.

Like Enki, it is also free to use but is limited in some aspects. You can pay for the premium features and remove the in-app ads. Try it and make your solo learning more fun and exciting.

Hop Scotch

Because of the promotions surrounding the app, one would think that Hop Scotch is just for kids. But do not make that sway you away from the app. This app is very useful for beginners as well as advanced levels. You can program and create apps immediately with just a few clicks and codes. Just like the other apps above, Hop Scotch is generally a free app. But if you want to get the premium features, you just have to pay a certain amount for the app.